seamless: “we fueled this city”

A months-long endeavor directed by Andy Baker, this huge project for Seamless was as fun as it was action-packed. Each shot has as many characters and NYC-specific easter eggs as can possibly fit. This was an experience in collaboration and flexibility; as deadlines approached, every artist involved jumped between shots, characters, and roles—character animation, effects, layouts; working together, we hit it all.

me too: daniela

Our 2D team within Hornet had the incredible opportunity to direct this spot for the Me Too movement under the leadership of Natalie Labarre. As a team, we worked on concepts, boards, and execution of the visuals to accompany the powerful interview provided to us. We relished the opportunity not only to work together with so much say in the outcome, but also the chance to work on a short film this meaningful.

oreo: social media

Oreo was a six-month-long social media campaign at Hornet under directors Benjy Brooke and Jimmy Simpson. Since these were six-second spots with short schedules, many of them were handled by one person start to finish. I designed, animated, and composited many of them, and filled in on design and animation roles as needed on others.

freddo meet freddo // freddo and the missing hop

Freddo was an amazing project to work on, under directors Dan and Jason at Hornet; I was lucky enough to be involved from the pitch stage, so I got to design, animate, and even lead this huge campaign. It started with a few short spots and gifs, and turned into a comic book, audiobook, and trailer for this whole little world! The comic printed in TimeOut Kids London—I got to design the front and back covers, with backgrounds by Stevie Lewis.

tetley super squash

Also under directors Dan and Jason, Tetley Super Squash was an energetic spot that combined 2D, 3D, and live-action. I contributed on the 2D designs, animation, and compositing.

brighthouse financial: avril

Another Dan & Jason piece; one of a 3-part series in which children are asked about their grandparents’ dream retirements. They describe fantastic lands we had a lot of fun designing and animating!
I was involved with the effects, rough & cleanup animation, design, and R&D throughout the project; this spot was the one of the three I was most involved in.